Stalag Miscellany: Photographs and Documents Relating to the Consecutive Listing of German Stalag Numbers

As my consecutive listing of German POW numbers has steadily expanded on either either side of my fatherís number, 227987, it has produced all manner of insights into who was exactly with who on the day that their German POW identity tags were issued. Everything in these pages relates directly back to that main consecutive listing, the index page for which is here.

Special thanks to all the relatives of POWs who have provided information, photographs and documents for the consecutive listing. This section is in its very early stages, but will expand as time permits.


A POW Christmas Card sent by Pte David Maddison, DLI, POW number 2873 in late 1942

Gnr Christopher Wilson, RA, POW No 3366, BAB 21, Photographs and Documents

BAB 21 a large Collection of Sports, Red Cross, Funeral, Theatrical and Informal Group Photographs

A Group Photograph of workcamp E 195, Stalag VIIIB, featuring Pte G Burke, DLI, POW No 13504

L/Cpl Edward Sefton, 16 DLI, POW No 125744, a 16 DLI Early War Group Photo

Sgt D J Feasey 16 DLI, POW No 132637, Photographs and Documents.

Pte Stanley Alexander Easton, 16 DLI, POW No 81185, Stalag 8B, Stalag 344

Craftsman Hubert Bennett, REME, POW Number 247365, Photographs and Documents.

Gnr William McQuilliam, 107th Field Regiment, RA (The South Notts Hussars), POW Number 267101, Photographs and Documents.

Pte Peter Hickman, 2nd/7th Battalion The Middlesex Regiment, POW Number 279140. Photographs and Documents.
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