McQuilliam POW tag 267101 Stalag 4B small

Gnr William McQuilliam, 790917, 107th Field Regiment, RA (The South Notts Hussars), POW Number 267101

These notes, photographs and documents regarding the war service of Gunner William McQuilliam, 790917, 107th Field Regiment, RA (The South Notts Hussars) are all courtesy of his son-in-law Brian Oliver. Brian writes:

Bill came from Seaham Co Durham and had served with the RA from 1929-1933. He was then a reservist until he was called up on the 15th August 1939. He was sent to Palestine 18th Jan 1940. He was present during the Siege of Tobruk from April to December 1941.

‘He was taken prisoner on 6/6/42 during the Battle of Knightsbridge. He was transferred to Camp PG 66, confirmed by letter 31/12/42, RA Records. He was transferred to Camp PG 54, confirmed by letter 13/1/43, RA Records.

‘At the Italian surrender in September 1943, he could not join the escapees as he had injuries to his eyes received on 6/6/42. For the rest of life he had only 40% vision.

‘He was left in an olive grove outside the village of Moreconi and found by children. Two women from village looked after him until someone in village shopped them to Germans. He was recaptured and eventually he was sent to Stalag 4B, with the POW number 267101, circa 25/2/44. He was at Stalag 4B until released by the Russians in April 1945.
Gnr William McQuilliam, POW notification
Gnr William McQuilliam, Service Dress
Camp PG 54 PM3300 Money