Pte Peter Hickman, 2nd/7th Battalion The Middlesex Regiment, POW Number 279140

From Palmers Green, London, Pte Peter Hickman, 6213319, was serving with No 1 Company, C Brigade Support Group, 2nd/7th Battalion The Middlesex Regiment when he was taken POW at Anzio on 4/2/44. He was eventually assigned the German POW number 279140 and then sent to a work camp of Stalag 4C The excellent photographs and documents here are all courtesy of his daughter, Mrs V Halliday.

Pte Hickman is in full ‘Don R’ dispatch rider’s kit in the photograph below. The November 1943 letter home on the
following page lists his exact unit in the address line. The German POW card, below right, would have been the first communication home after capture and was written on 18/2/44 from his initial POW transit, camp--Feldpost 31979, in northern Italy before the issue of his POW number at Stalag 4B. The ‘Register Form for Recovered Allied Prisoners’ of War’ also on the following page--compare with this slightly different design for 16 DLI POW Ronnie Hamilton--lists the key details of his POW history and was issued by his 1945 liberators, the US Third Army. The letter from the Infantry Records Office, also on the following page, notes his transfer to Stalag 4C in June 1944.

Pte Peter Hickman Don R
Feldpost 31979 Pte P Hickman
Feldpost 31979 Pte P Hickman address side
Middlesex Regiment Card