Pte G Burke, 4447549, DLI, German POW Number 13504
Pte G Burke DLI, Camp E 195 POW
Pte G Burke DLI, photo reverse.
E 195 photo reverse stamp

Pte G Burke of the Durham Light Infantry is somewhere on the photograph above, which is courtesy of the Fred Bromilow Collection. The photograph features the British POWs of work camp E 195, which was administered by Stalag VIIIIB at Lamsdorf. Stalag VIIIB was later redesignated Stalag 344

Burke’s British Army number, 4447549, indicates that he enlisted in the Durham Light Infantry well before the start of World War Two and thus he is likely to be one of the older-looking men. Notice the very varied uniforms and headgear worn by the POWs, including the man at front left and several others in the pre-war service dress tunic. It is very likely that Pte Burke was taken prisoner during the retreat to Dunkirk in 1940.

My DLI POW numbers Other Ranks consecutive listing has him in sequence with these names and numbers and thus it is possible that several of the DLI men listed below as being at Stalag 344 in early 1945 could also be on the photograph:

13452 20A Colledge, Pte R, 4458375, DLI

13459 8B Chisholm, Pte T, 4454271, DLI

13471 20A Elliott, Pte R J, 4453562, DLI
13472 20A Riddle, Pte G T, 4458624, DLI
13473 20B Forrest, Pte C, 3130933, DLI
13474 20A Wilson, Pte L P, 3130903, DLI

13477 344 Gray, Pte R, 4448014, DLI

13482 344 Tindale, Pte J G, 4454589, DLI

13489 20B Barnes, Pte T J, 4458721, DLI

13504 344 Burke, Pte G, 4447549, DLI. Workcamp E 195.

13513 344 Mason, Pte F S, 4455334, DLI

13523 20B May, Pte T, 4458791, DLI
13524 20A Preston, Pte C D, 4459227, DLI
13525 20A Longstaff, Pte S, 4459262, DLI
13526 20A Stobbs, Pte H, 4459171, DLI

13533 20A Davies, Pte H, 4456159, DLI
13534 9C March, Pte J, 4455956, DLI

13553 344 Wood, Pte T A, 4455898, Bk Watch

13604 20A Baird, L/Cpl E, 4447074, DLI

13616 344 Warren, Pte S, 4448606, DLI
13617 344 Trueman, Pte W P, 4453112, DLI

13621 20A MacGee, Pte J P, 4452669, DLI

13634 344 Seaton, Pte F H, 4445231, DLI

For the full listing, see my DLI POW Numbers Index Page.

Further details on Pte Burke and any of the other mystery faces featured most welcome.