This official German POW Christmas Card was produced by The Camp, which was a weekly English language propaganda newspaper issued to British POWs by the Nazi authorities. Pte David Maddison of the Durham Light Infantry was most probably captured with the BEF in France in mid-1940. Thus by the end of 1942 he would have already spent over two years and two Christmases in captivity. The pencil date of 4/1/43 could well have been written by his parents as the date they received it.

Note the address side which also lists Pte Madison’s POW number, 2873 and the administrative name of his work camp: Bau und Arbeits Battalion 48, at Blechhammer u Heydebreck 2. To see this number in the sequence of other known DLI POWs, click here. By early 1945, Madison was listed as being at Stalag 21D at Posen. He thus most likely took part in the ‘Long March’ westwards in early 1945.

Camp P:OW Chritmas Card1
Camp POW Christmas Card  2