Unknown 16 DLI Other Ranks Group, circa 1942

An Unknown Group of 16 DLI Other Ranks, Circa 1941-42

This photograph of an unknown group of nine happy 16th DLI Other Ranks--and one smiling woman friend--was probably taken sometime before the Battalion went abroad in December 1942. Could their location be outside their billet, or perhaps a local pub? There’s a Corporal at the very centre, a Lance Corporal at bottom left and seven Privates, so could this be a near-complete section of a platoon? If so, which Company and when? I would guess the Rye, Sussex area in 1942 as the location. It’s very likely that several of the men featured would have been casualties at Sedjenane, Tunisia in early 1943. Further details requested.

This slightly fuzzy photostat quality copy is from Major A E C Vizard via Graham Skilton and must have been sent to Major Vizard some time in the 1980s or 1990s for inclusion in his 16 DLI Old Comrades’ Association Newsletter.

It’s just possible to see the ‘Oak Leaf’ 46th Division shoulder flash on the soldier at the very back top and also the soldier at bottom right. Also note the hob-nailed Army boots of the soldier at bottom second right!