When I began this web project back in 2004, my main aim to uncover the long-lost missing group photograph of C Company, 16th DLI, taken by the firm of Lambert and Weston of Folkstone in late 1942. That photograph has still not emerged, but somebody out there must have it. The search continues! Also lost to DLI history at the moment are the 1942 group photographs of A Company, 16 DLI and HQ Company 16 DLI which were presumably taken at the same time.

Of the 16 DLI group photographs listed here on the main site, Iíve managed to compile detailed captions for several, but others have very few faces placed. Here are links to some of those with the most mystery faces and where the most help is required. Do you have the identical photograph to any of those listed below? And, can you place the face of a relative on it? If so, please get in touch.

A 16 DLI Recruit Training Squad, Scotland 1940, very few faces placed.

An unknown group of 16 DLI Other Ranks, circa 1941-42

Pte Edward Sefton and Six Unidentifed 16 DLI Colleagues, probably HQ Coy, circa 1941-42.

Sgt J C Henderson, Lt Harry Mynheer MM and the Mortar Platoon, HQ Company 1942

An unknown 16 DLI Sergeant, circa 1941-42

B Company, 16 DLI, late 1942: all officers and most men placed, but still several Other Ranks to place.

D Company, 16 DLI late 1942: all the officers and most NCOs placed, but very few of the men.

Officers 16 DLI late 1942: one officer, back row, right, still to place.

HQ Company, 1944: Officers placed, but very few other ranks

B Company, Greece, 1945: officers placed but hardly any of the Other Ranks

The Friends of J A Philipson, HQ and C Coy, 16 DLI 1940-46. Most faces still to be placed.

The Friends of Percy Ord, C Company 16 DLI from 1940, POW from 2/3/43, most faces still to be placed.

The Friends of Harvey Hurst, C Company 1943-45, most faces still to be placed

The Friends of Tom Turnbull, B and D Company, 1945, most faces still to place.

Sgt Arthur Abbott, Company unknown, probably HQ, with three unidentified NCOs.

Sgt John Wintershausen MM, Pioneer Platoon, and Friends, many still to be placed.

Pte Tom English of Thornley Colliery, E and B Company and Friends, all to be placed

S Company, 1945 (poor quality): very few faces placed

A Group of B Company men in Austra, late 1945, no faces placed

Pte Stanley Alexander Easton, 4465708 and an unidentified friend circa 1942.


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