I posted this photograph in the Identity Parade section of the web site several years ago. Click on the image for that larger version of the picture. In 2016, Fred Bromilow drew my attention to the Spring 2001 edition of The Durham Bugle which features the self-same image on its page 16 along with a very informative caption submitted by ex-16th DLI officer Lt Col Russell Collins MC. Lt Col Collins' letter to the Durham Bugle runs as follows:

'The photo is of the Carrier Platoon, 16th DLI in Greece in early 1945, following the suppression of the Communist (ELAS) uprising and before our return to Italy for the third time, in April 1945. I cannot remember exactly where or when the photograph was taken, but it was probably in the Athens area after our return from operations around Patras in the Peloponese during January and early February. I clearly remember virtually all of the faces in the photo and most of the names, though after nearly 56 years I cannot necessarily put names to the faces! However, I am certain of the following:

1) Sgt Lee, Section Commander. 4) Sgt Lucas, Platoon Sgt. 5) Pte 'Kipper' Bland, Carrier Driver. 17) Pte 'Lem' Phillips, Orderly/Wireless Operator. 26) Pte Lowery, Carrier Driver. 28) Sgt Chilvers, MM and MiD, Section Commander and one of the bravest men I ever knew. 29) Pte Ted Rogan, Don R. 31) Lt R C Collins MC, Platoon Commander. 'I am less certain of the following, but believe they may be:

2) Pte Bell, Carrier Driver. 6) Pte Jopson, Bren gunner. 14) L/Sgt Parsons, Section Commander. 16) Cpl Baker. 18) Pte Harwood. 22) Pte 'Donk' Metcalfe. 24) L/Cpl Sawyer. 29) Cpl Howe. 36) L/Cpl Gledhill, REME fitter.

'Others may possibly be: 11) Pte Calvert. 13) Pte Henry. 34) Pte Colpitts. Other names whose owners are likely to be in the group are: Cfn Jones, REME; Pte Smithson, L/Cpl Birbeck, Ptes Rickman, Johnson, Edmondson, Cobb, Banks, Hunter, Lydiat, Jennings, Simm, Todd.'

Lt Col Russell Collins MC was interviewed at length by the IWM Sound Archive in 1994. The interview can be listened to here: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80012168

George 'Kipper' Bland was also interviewed at length by the IWM Sound Archive. This is the direct link to his interview: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80016745

Of the names mentioned above, several feature, or possibly feature, on other photographs on the site:
Sgt Lucas: http://16dli.awardspace.co.uk/page69.html
Pte Colpitts:http://16dli.awardspace.co.uk/page136.html
Sgt Gledhill: http://16dli.awardspace.co.uk/page318.html

Also many surnames feature in the 1945-47 OCA Address Book listings
Any and all further names and identifications welcome. 16 DLI PHOTO INDEX PAGE

16 DLI Carrier Platoon, Annotated Photo
Annotated 16 DLI Carrier Platoon Photo, 1945