16 DLI Carrier Platoon, Greece, 1945

16 DLI Carrier Platoon, Greece, Early 1945

This fascinating image of over 35 16th DLI soldiers has been enlarged from a poor quality postcard sized photostat, sent out by Major Vizard of the !6 DLI Old Comrades’ Association to members of the OCA sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s.

When I first posted the picture on the web site several years ago I had little idea which company the men belong to, though I suspected it was probably HQ Coy.

In mid-2016, Fred Bromilow drew my attention to the Spring 2001 edition of The Durham Bugle which features the self-same image along with a very informative caption submitted by ex-16th DLI officer Russell Collins MC. To see Lt Col Collins’s caption and his annotated version of the photograph, plus my further notes, click here, or on the image. The quest continues for a better quality version of the photograph, so if anyone has one, let me know.