Informal Group Photographs of the British POWs at BAB 21

As with all the other images in this section of the site, these photographs are all courtesy of Keith Newman. The names of a few POWs are written in very faded writing on the back of some of the photographs, and these names are transcribed and listed on this page. However, most of the men featured here are currently unidentified. If anyone reading this can place any more faces please get in touch.

Keith’s father-in-law Gnr Christopher Wilson, RA, POW Number 3366, is featured at extreme right, marked with the ink cross, on the photo above and at second from the left middle row in the photo below. The names of many of the mystery faces in these photos will almost certainly be listed there and thereabouts with that of Gnr Wilson in my consecutive POW listing. His number is currently listed in the section beginning on this page.

Gnr C Wilson, BAB21 POW