CSM J Plemper, 4463752, 16th DLI, died 27/2/43

Photograph courtesy Roy Mills

The photograph above and the short article below appeared in the Wearside Echoes column of the Sunderland Echo on 23/11/43. It was thus over eight months on from being posted missing in the Battle of Sedjenane in February-March 1943 before CSM John Plemper was officially confirmed dead. He was A Company CSM in 1942-43 and thus almost certainly features on the long-lost 1942 Company photograph of A Company, which was taken by the firm of Lambert and Weston of Folkstone.

At present only the B Company, D Company, Battalion NCOs, Battalion Officers and the Mortar Platoon photographs have surfaced and these can now be studied from here. The others, presumably of A Company and the several HQ Company specialist platoons, are currently completely lost to DLI history. If anyone reading this has this 1942 A Company photograph, please get in touch

Ex-Clerk of Works

'Previously reported missing, it is now known that CSM J Plemper, DLI, of 12 Mafeking Street, has lost his life during fighting in North Africa. Joining up at the beginning of the war, Mr Plemper was a Clerk of Works for Sunderland Corporation and was responsible, among other constructional work, for the supervision of the nurses' hostel on Chester Road.

'He was a devoted church worker at Trinity and St James, where he held office. He also took an interest in the work of the Sunderland Army Cadet Battalion and addressed the boys of No 6 Company when on leave.

'He was also an instructor at the Technical College in woodwork and building construction. A Freemason, CSM Plemper was a member of the Londonderry Lodge and also of the Chapter.'

CSM John Plemper, 16 DLI