POWs D Feasey  and James Hood MM

Eventually, after about nine days, he was handed over to the Germans and was transported to Germany as a POW. He was assigned the POW number 132637 in Germany and was being held at Stalag 7A at Moosburg, Bavaria. in early 1945.

His friend and colleague Bert Crowle was captured separately and was also sent to Germany. His POW number was 142155 and in early 1945 he was being held at Stalag 11A. In the handwritten photo caption opposite Danny notes: ‘We had left Bert by now. He was very ill. But managed after the war to visit the folk we had left him with. They were very brave...’

Sergeant James Hood DLI, marked as ‘Jock’ on the photograph at right, was awarded the Military Medal for successfully regaining Allied lines, which he achieved on 31/5/44. To read his citation click here.

In April, 1945, with Russians advancing from one direction and US forces from another, the prisoners were marched out of camp in a column, under German control. Danny, managed to escape again and evaded his captors. He was on the run for about nine days, until he met up with advancing US forces. The US forces kitted him out and arranged for his return to the UK by air.

On return to the UK, Danny was given a brief period of leave and rehabilitation and, being a Regular, was then posted to the 9th Battalion DLI which was based at Hemer Germany and later Austria, as a Company Sergeant Major.


These annotated photographs are from Danny Feasey’s personal photo album. His friend Sgt James Hood is marked as ‘Jock’ in the photograph at top.