Danny, continuing to suffer the effects of his injury, was discharged from the Army on 23 May 1946. He went to live in Hitchin Herts and worked for ICL in Bedford until age 65.

In 1987, Bert Crowle appealed through Clare Raynerís column in the Sunday Mirror to be reunited with his two wartime comrades. See copies of the newspaper items at right. Both John Hood and Danny replied and they were reunited in September 1987. James Hood then coordinated a campaign for all three men to receive the Italy Star, as they had, despite POW records, held combatant status in Italy during their period on the run.

Eventually, in February 1988, the Ministry of Defence recognised their service in Italy as combatant service and awarded the Italy Star to both Danny and Bert Crowle.

In the meantime, Danny was suffering increased incapacity due to his war injury and submitted a case for a War Pension. This was finally recognised after a long battle, in January 1999.

Both John Hood and Bert Crowle pre-deceased Danny Daniel J Feasey died on 3 October 2011 in the Lister Hospital Stevenage, as the result of complications following a serious fall.

If anyone can add anymore to the wartime story of Danny Feasey, please get in touch. It's very likely that he will feature on the long-lost 1942 group photograph of A Company, 16 DLI should this ever re-emerge. Like the photographs of B and D Coys, this would have been taken by the firm of Lambert and Weston of Folkstone.

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1987 Reunion, J Hood, D Feasey and  H Crowle.
Bert Crowle Appeal for Hood and Feasey
1987 Reunion Small