Jackson, Pte Alan 4470078. Died as a POW, 12/5/44, 16 DLI, aged 20. Son of Henry and Esther Jackson, of Willington, Co Durham. Prague War Cemetery, I B 12.
Previously held at PG 98, San Giuseppe Jato, Sicily, 1943.
He was one of 34 Allied POWs killed on 12/5/44, all of whom are now buried in Prague War Cemetery. Pte Charles Moore of 16 DLI (4468724), and Pte James Spink (6026790), 1 DLI, were also victims. One of several further raids took place on 21/7/44 and 14 Allied POWs also re-interred in Prague postwar are listed as having died on that day, including Pte John Gorman (2987658) 1 DLI and Pte Archibald William Burt (5440072), 9 DLI. See this page of the site:

Johnson, Pte Stanley Wilfred, 4470081. Died 25/3/43, serving with 8 DLI, aged 22. Son of William Ewart Johnson and Ethel Lancaster Johnson, of Cockerton, Darlington, Co Durham. Sfax War Cemetery, VI B 20.

Knowles, Pte Harrison, 4470085. Died 22/6/44, serving with the Durham Light Infantry, battalion not specified by CWGC, aged 21. Son of Samuel and Annie Knowles, of Spennymoor, Co Durham. Bayeux War Cemetery, XXVII E 18.

Lawson, Pte F, 4470086, DLI. Stalag 8B, POW Number 35847.

Lawther, Cpl Edward, 4470087. Died 15/11/44, serving with 16 DLI, aged 23. Born Sunderland, enlisted Co Durham. Husband of Emily Lawther of Philadelphia, Co Durham. Forli War Cemetery, VI D 16.

Milner, Pte John Edwin, 4470097. Died 17/7/43, serving with 6 DLI, aged 22. Son of Robert E and Hannah J Milner, of Skinningrove, Yorkshire. Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, III C 46.

Morell, Pte Harry, 4470099. Died 22/3/43, serving with 8 DLI, aged 21. Son of Edward and Jane Elizabeth Morrell, of West Hartlepool, Co Durham. Medjez-el-Bab War Cemetery, 14 E 17.

Coates, Pte W J, 4470108. Enlisted DLI, serving with AAC at time of capture. Stalag 4D, POW No

Green Pte B, 4470113, Enlisted DLI, serving with the Lincolnshire Regiment at time of capture. Stalag 4D in 1/45, German POW No 270644.

Moore, Cpl Thomas, 4470116. Originally enlisted DLI. Captured with Loyal Regt, Stalag 7A in 1/45, POW 128048. Captured Anzio in 2/44. See this external site:
Previously in 70th DLI. With draft to Italy, most to 16 DLI, he to Loyal Regt. See also Lesley Thornton, 16 DLI IWM interview:

Hayes, Pte Thomas Charles, MM 4470122. From Hendon, Sunderland. Military Medal for actions with 6th Bn Lincolnshire Regiment in Italy. LG 29/6/44:

Howey, Pte George, 4470124. Died 18/6/44, serving with 10 DLI, aged 19. Son of John and Mary Elizabeth Howey, of Middleton, Leeds, Yorkshire. Tilly-sur-Seulles War Cemetery, II K 9.

McKenna, Pte G, 4470125, DLI. Stalag 344 in 1/45, German POW No 132049.

Sanderson, Pte R, 4470132. Enlisted DLI, with the North Staff Regt at capture, Stalag 4F, POW No

Saunders, Pte Patrick Joseph, 4470144. Died 2/7/44, serving with 10 DLI, aged 20. Bayeux War Cemetery, VIII D 11.

Adair, Pte Jack 4470145. 16 DLI. Died 29/9/42, serving with 16 DLI, aged 32. Son of John and Ada Alice Adair, of Hebburn Colliery. Hebburn Cemetery, Sec K, Grave 587.

Caldicott, Pte Charles Alfred, 4470151. Died 14/6/44, serving with 9 DLI, aged 21. Son of William Henry and Elizabeth Coldicott, of Durham. Bayeux War Cemetery, France, XV J 1.

Dunning, Pte Leslie, 4470153. Died 11/6/44, serving with 8 DLI, aged 22. Son of Mr and Mrs W Dunning, of Sunderland, Co Durham. Hottot-les-Bagues War Cemetery, II A 9.

Evans, Pte J R, 4470154. From Wheatley Hill, Co Durham. Enlisted 19/3/42.

Flanagan, Pte Joseph, 4470156. Died 22/3/43, serving with 9 DLI, aged 22. Son of Thomas and Sarah Flanagan, of Jarrow,
Co Durham. Enfidaville War Cemetery, Tunisia, I C 27.
Photograph Shields Gazette 26/4/43; 'Mr and Mrs Thomas Flanagan, of 21 Back High St, Jarrow, have lost three sons in the war. Richard, a fourth son, was called up on April 15. The parents have just received official intimation that Private Joseph