News item in Hartlepool Mail, 12/6/45, p 3, records his MM citation in full.

Chambers, Pte C, 4469464, Stalag 17A in early 1945 German POW No 153485. PG 206 Military Hospital, Italy, in 1943.

Coates, Pte Harry, 4469469. Died serving with 9 DLI, 22/3/43, aged 27. Son of Herbert and Ada Coates; husband of Mary Coates, of Scarborough, Yorkshire. Medjez-el-Bab Memorial, Face 29.

Cook, L/Cpl A J, 4469470, DLI. PG 206 Military Hospital, Italy, 1943.

Corner, Pte J E, 4469471, Stalag 17B in 1945, POW No 153077. PG 66, Italy in 1943.

Coulthard, Pte T J 4469474. 16 DLI. Captured 27/2/43, Sedjenane. Enlisted Jan 1942. Of 468 Whitwell Terrace, Langley Moor, Durham. Stalag 398 in early 1945 German POW No 153903. Previously held Italy.

Craggs, Pte W, 4469475, DLI. Possibly Wilf Craggs, C Coy, 16 DLI, captured Sedjenane 3/43. PG 53, Italy in 1943.

Craighill, Pte John 4469476. Died betweeen 21/3/43 and 23/43, serving with 6 DLI, aged 25. Son of John and Mary Ellen Craighill, of Ridsdale, Northumberland. Sfax War Cemetery, XIV C 4. DoD 11/3/43 on DCL; 3/43 on 1947 Army Roll.

Crozier, Pte J R, 4469478. 16 DLI. Captured Sedjenane Feb-March 1943. D Company. Enlisted Jan 1942, Stalag 398 in early 1945, German POW No 154651. See the 1942 D Coy photo:
Photograph Sunderland Echo 24/4/43: 'Pte J R Crozier, (27), DLI, 36 St Mark's Road, prisoner of war in Italian hands.' Sunderland Echo, 16/12/43, p 4: 'transferred from Italy to Germany as prisoner of war.'

Dalkin, Pte George, 4469479, Stalag 4C in early 1945 German POW Number 249906.
Photograph, Hartlepool Mail, 5/4/43, p 2: 'Reported missing. Joining the Army just over a year ago, L/Cpl Geo Dalkin is posted as missing in North Africa. He is 25 and the son of Mrs and the late Mr J T Dalkin, of 4 Brougham Street, Hartlepool. In civil life he was employed by Hartlepool Corpration.'
Hartlepool Mail, 17/4/43, p 2: 'Mrs Dalkin, of 4 Brougham Street, Hartlepool, has now received officical notification that her son, L/Cpl George Dalkin, DLI, who was reported missing a fortnight ago, is a prisoner of war in Italian hands.' PG 82, Italy in 1943.

Davidson Pte T, 4469480, Stalag 317 in early 1945 German POW Number 39193.

Daglish, Pte Harry Jackson, 4469481 Died 9/8/43, serving with 9 DLI. No CWGC age or Next of Kin details. Born Gateshead, enlisted Gateshead. Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, III A 10.

Davidson, Pte T W, 4469482. 16 DLI, noted at 83 Gen Hospital, North Africa, in 2/43.

Dean, Pte R, 4469483, Stalag 398 German POW Number 155008. Previously held Italy.
Hartlepool Mail, 16/4/43, p 2: 'Prisoners of War. Mrs V Dean, 2 Bangor Street, West Hartlepool, has received intimation that her husband, Pte Robert Dean (29), DLI, previously reported missing in North Africa, is a prisoner in Italian hands. Before joining the forces he was employed by a local firm of builders.'

Bilton, Pte E W 4469484, Stalag 17A in early 1945, German POW Number 153890. Enlisted direct to Recruit Coy, 16 DLI, 1/42.
Photograph Sunderland Echo 24/4/43, p 5. Pte E W Bilton (26) DLI, 22 George St, East New Herrington, prisoner of war in Italian hands.' PG 66, Italy, in 1943.

Dixon, L/Cpl L J, 4469485, Stalag 18A, German POW Number 7506.

Dodd, Pte W J, 4469488, DLI. Enlisted direct to Recruit Coy, 16 DLI, 1/42. Stalag 4C, POW No 223616. Previously POW Italy.

Donkin, Pte Lawrence R, 4469489. From Sunderland. Enlisted direct to Recruit Company, 16 DLI, 1/42. Captured serving with C Coy, 16 DLI, Sgt F Allen's Platoon, 2/3/43. Captured alongside Sgt Allen and Cpl Palmer. Witnessed wounding of Pte Rutherford and Pte Martin on 2/3/42. POW in Italy. Escaped to Switzerland in aftermath of Italian Armistice of 9/43. See this external site:

Donovan, Pte Edward, 4469491. Originally enlisted 16 DLI, 'R' Company, Folkstone, 1/42. Re-enforcement draft to India, 1942. Served with the 142 Commando/13th Bn Kings (Liverpool) Regiment in Burma on first Chindit expedition, 'Operation Longcloth' and successfully regained India, 1943. See this external site:

Dunan, Pte James, 4469496. Died 18/1/44, serving with 6th Bn Seaforth Highlanders, aged 26. Son of W H and Elizabeth C Dunan, of Largs, Ayrshire. Minturno War Cemetery, IV H 12.

Eastwick, Pte Edward, 4469498. 16 DLI. Captured Sedjenane, Feb-March 1943. Enlisted Jan 1942, B Company. See the 1942 B Company photograph: