Bracegirdle, Pte Harold, 4465311. Died 4/5/44, serving with 2 DLI, aged 32. Son of Richard and Edith Bracegirdle, of Bradford, Manchester. Kohima War Cemetery, 12 B 29.

Carter, Pte G V, 4465313, DLI. Stalag 4A, POW No 266066. Previously held Italy, 1943.

Curzon, Cpl R, 4465319, DLI. Stalag 4G, POW 258565. PG 78 in 1943.

Hallworth, Pte L, 4465323, DLI. Stalag 4D, POW No 261564.

Marsden, Pte Fred, 4465330. Died 14/3/44, serving with 2nd Bn Border Regiment, aged 32. Son of Ernest and Elizabeth Marsden. Manchester and Lancashire. Rangoon Memorial, Face 13.

Taylor, L/Cpl F, 4465337. Originally enlisted DLI. Mentioned in Despatches for actions in Italy with the Bays. LG 19/7/45:

Basford, Pte F, 4465339, DLI. Stalag 4D, POW No 262488. PG 75 in 1943.

Davies, Rfn L, 4465342. Enlisted DLI, KRRC at capture, Stalag 7A, POW No 142009.

Howarth, Pte C, 4465344, Stalag 4D in early 1945, POW no 12757. PG 10, Italy, 1943. German POW suspect?
PG 10, Italy 1943.

Wall, Pte Thomas Albert, 4465354. Died 14/5/44, serving with 2nd Bn King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster), aged 32. Son of Sidney and Louisa Wall, of Everton, Liverpool. 'Served with the Chindits.' Taukkyan War Cemetery, Burma, 6 D 3.

Brady, William, 4465369. Served with 2 DLI in Burma. Campaign Medals on display at the DLI Museum. Brief biography and photograph:

Brennan, Pte James, 4465370. Died 6/5/43, serving with 9 DLI, aged 32. Son of Edward and Ellen Brennan, of Blaydon, Co Durham. Tobruk War Cemetery, 1 C 1.

Carr, Pte Thomas, 4465378. Died 28/1/42, serving with 14th Bn DLI, aged 28. Son of Benjamin and Dorothy Ann Carr, of Bearpark; husband of Audrey Carr, of Bearpark. Bearpark (St Edmunds) Churchyard, Row 15 from North wall, Grave 10 from West wall.

Clouston, Pte R, 4465381, DLI. POW at PG 206 military hospital, Italy in 1943.

Cowie, Pte C, 4465382. 16 DLI in 4/43.

Cummings, Pte R, 4465385, DLI. Stalag 4D, POW No 88461.

Davison, Pt T D, 4465389, DLI. Stalag 4F, POW No 261594.

261567 4D Kelly, Pte D, 4455393, DLI

Groves, Pte John, 4465405. Died 21/4/42, serving with 8 DLI, aged 27. Son of John and Edith Emily Groves; husband of Alice Groves, of Wooley, Co Durham. Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, 3 F 15.

Hamilton, Sgt J H, 4465406, Stalag 357, POW No 50208. Not Italy.

Hood, Pte Robert, 4465410. Died 3/3/42, serving with 8 DLI, aged 33. Son of Alderson and Hannah Hood, of South Shields, Co Durham. Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, 2 H 2.

Pattison, Fus Wilfred, 4465444. Died 7/3/43, serving with 10 Bn Lancashire Fusiliers, aged 31. No CWGC Next of Kin details. Born Co Durham, enlisted Co Durham. Rangoon Memorial, Face 9.

Pearson, Gnr Cedric 4465445. Died 8/9/44, serving with 1 Maritime Regiment, Royal Artillery, aged 32. Son of William and Margaret Ann Pearson, of Browney Colliery, Co Durham. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 88, Column 2. Died at sea. 'Killed in action.'

Richardson, Pte G E, 4465450. POW at Bisceglie Hospital, Apulia, Italy, in 1943.

Spence, Pte J, 4465461. DLI. Served in 50 Division. Listed a defendant in the 10/43 'Salerno Mutiny' trial.

Stafford, Pte R, 4465462, DLI. Stalag 344, POW No 33998.

Swan, Pte H, 4465468, DLI. POW in Italy. Captured serving with 9 DLI, 27/7/42. Escaped to Switzerland in aftermath of
Italian Armistice of 9/43.

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