This part of the project is still being actively researched and there are many gaps and omissions at present.

The key books I will be using to researching these extra details, all highly recommended, are listed below, abbreviated in the name and number entries as shown, followed eventually where possible by a specific page reference.

Officers of the Durham Light Infantry 1758-1968 by Malcolm McGregor, privately published 1989. Note only 200 copies of this book were printed so it now both hugely expensive and virtually impossible to obtain secondhand, though the Durham County Record office and Imperial War Museum will have reference copies. This book is abbreviated in the listing as McGregor DLI Officers.

The DLI at War 1939-45, by David Rissik, published by the Regiment, Brancepeth 1952. Since reprinted. Abbreviated in the listings as Rissik DLI.

For You Tommy the War is Over. The Experiences of the Durham Light Infantry Prisoners of War during World War Two, by Major Ian English MC, TD and Harry Moses, first published 2006. This book draws heavily on the Imperial War Museum Sound Archive’s extensive Durham Light Infantry interview collection; many of these interviews were conducted by Harry Moses. I will be reviewing the book in detail in due course. Abbreviated to POWs Moses and English.

Battalion Histories:

The Faithful Sixth A History of the Sixth Battalion The Durham Light Infantry, by Harry Moses, first published 1995, County Durham Books, abbreviated in the listing as 6 DLI Moses.

8th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry 1939-45, by Major P J Lewis MC asisted by Major I R English MC, first published 1949, J & P Bealls Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne, since reprinted. Abbreviated as: 8 DLI Lewis and English.

The Gateshead Gurkhas A History of the 9th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry 1859-1967 by Harry Moses, first published 2001, County Durham Books. Abbreviated as 9 DLI Moses.

Sadly the History of the 16th Battalion Durham Light Infantry, published by the Battalion in 1946, does not mention by name any of the officers (or men) taken POW in 1943-45. After Tunisia, where several were captured and two died very early in their captivity, there seems to have only one 16 DLI officer POW, Lt Whitwell, taken POW by ELAS guerillas in Greece in December 1944.

Information is arranged as follows: German POW number, camp in early 1945, name, rank and Army personal number, any further information, including known book references. List last updated 26/12/12

Anderson, Major, W H M, C Coy, 9 DLI. Captured St Joost, Holland, 1/45. See Moses 9 DLI p 336.

749 O7B Armstrong, Lt R B, 121154, DLI

Battiscombe, Lt Col Christopher Robert. Captured as Officer Commanding 6 DLI at Alamein. Sucessfully escaped 1943. CO of 8 DLI in 1945 in UK. See McGregor DLI Officers p 21, Lewis and English 8 DLI p 301.

Bavington-Jones, Capt J R. Commissioned Lincolnshire Regt. Gunshot wound to leg and captured Sedjenane, Tunisia, 2/3/43 during final 16 DLI atttack. With 16 DLI from its formation in 7/40. Second in command of B Coy, 16 DLI in 1942-43 Died in captivity while being held at an Italian hospital in Ferryvillle, Tunisia, 9/3/43. See 1942 B Coy and Officers' photographs and 16 DLI Roll of Honour.

209 O4C Beaumont, Lt John William, 95522, DLI. Commissioned DLI 1/7/39. Captured with BEF, 1940. Awarded MBE for POW escaping activities (LG 14/5/48). See McGregor DLI Officers, p 23.

18650 O7B Birchenough, Capt Richard Alfred Godsal, 'Beagle' 112810, DLI. Commissioned DLI, 31/12/39. Served in Western Desert with 1 DLI. Captured Cos with 1 DLI, 1943. Awarded MC (LG 3/2/44). See McGregor DLI Officers, p 28. For actions in 12/40 with 1 DLI see Rissik p 53. For actions on Cos see Rissik p 214. Also this external website:

211 O7B Blackett, Capt D, 92758, DLI

1035 O79 Bluit, Lt E V, 256956, DLI

1187 O7B Bonham, Capt John Henry Hamilton, 58860. Captured with 2 DLI 1940. See McGregor DLI Officers, p 33

216 O9A/H Bramwell, Lt Col John, 16100, DLI. Commanding officer of 11 DLI. Captured along with many of his men when they were attacked by German armour at Wancourt and on the road to Lautre in 5/40. See Rissik DLI, p 37.