This section of the site comprises a small collection of my personal reviews of books written by and about British World War Two Prisoners of War.

Ill-informed, cliche-ridden and superficial, the quality of mainstream media reviewing of books about World War Two is often abysmally low. The reviews I publish here aim to be much more detailed than those on offer elsewhere. In particular, I will place wherever possible each individual POW story within the larger framework offered by my ongoing consecutive listing of German POW numbers, which begins on this page of my main site. To search for a particular POW name or number in the listing, use the site search button below.

The author or subject of each book will be placed within this consecutive POW numbers listing and thus for the first time it will be possible to see some of those POW colleagues who were there and thereabouts with a particular serviceman in 1939-45.

I’ll be concentrating mainly on classic, personal narrative, older texts, some now long out of print, rather than modern ‘scissors and paste’ archive interview anthologies. Many of these books were published without an index, so a key part of each review will be to include as many significant names as possible of those fellow servicemen featured in each story. This hopefully should prove of some use to family historians as World War Two gradually drifts beyond the realm of living memory.

This site is in its early stages, after all, I have to read the books before I can write about them. Detailed reviews of the following titles are currently posted. More to follow.

The following reviews are currently posted, click on the titles:

The Password is Courage by John Castle, 1954

Stalag Doctor by I Schrire, 1956

The Man Who Escaped into Auschwitz, by Denis Avey and Rob Broomby, 2011




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