Eight figure General Service numbers, beginning 14,200,001, replaced the seven figure ‘443-447’ DLI series of numbers in mid 1942. Arranged in consecutive sequence below are all the DLI World War Two fatal casualties, POWs and gallantry awards that I have found within this sequence of numbers. Note the CWGC lists WW2 fatal casualties through to 31/12/47. Corrections and additions welcome. The General Service Corps numbers arranged in this way are less enlightening than the old DLI seven figure numbers published in previous pages. Recruits under the old system trained as infantry from the start and tended to move on to infantry battalions en masse in coherent drafts, almost always along with several of their friends made in basic training Under the new primary training system all Army recruits did six weeks primary training before being selected for the various branches of the service, infantry, armour, engineers etc, for further specialist training, hence there’s much less coherence in this consecutive listing of those posted to the DLI. Also notice the youth of many of the fatal casualties of 1944-45, many were only 19 and even 18 years old..

Note if a name is preceded by a five or six figure number this is the soldier’s German POW number.

Owen, Pte C, 14201048. Mentioned in Despatches for services with the DLI. LG 10/5/45:

88391 7A Pearson, Pte D, 14201217, DLI

11B Willey, Pte E W, 14202468, DLI, POW, no number or Stalag listed.

Kitchen, Pte Albert, 14202619. Died 14/6/44, serving with 9 DLI, aged 22. Son of Albert and Grace Mabel Kitchen, of Leeds, Yorkshire. Bayeux War Cemetery, France, XV J 7.

Milner, Pte George, 14202636. Died 22/3/43, serving with 8 DLI, aged 20. Son of Joe and Georgina Milner, of Leeds, Yorkshire. Sfax War Cemetery, Tunisia, XIV E 14.

Dignan, Cpl D, 14202757. Mentioned in Despatches for services with the DLI in the CMF. LG 23/5/46:

Leather, Pte William Frederick, 14203033. Died 22/4/43, serving with 16 DLI, aged 21. Son of Samuel and Frances Alice Leather, of Northwich, Cheshire. Massicault War Cemetery, Tunisia IV C 9.

Batt, L/Cpl Walter John Frederick, 14203484. Died 19/8/44, serving with 10 DLI, aged 21. Son of George Batt, and of Emily Jane Batt, of Kingsbury, Middlesex. La Deliverande War Cemetery, France, I C 4.

262754 4D Williams, Pte H B, 14205255, DLI

76681 4B Holton, Pte F A, 14205699, DLI

Hankinson, Pte Arthur, 14205728. Died 8/6/43, serving with 8 DLI, aged 21. Son of Arnold and Effie Hankinson. Suez War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt, 3 A 11

Hart, L/Cpl Edward Anthony Peter, 14205730. Died 27/9/44 serving with 16 DLI. No CWGC age or Next of Kin details. Born Hertfordshire; enlisted Hertfordshire. Assisi War Cemetery, Italy II B 4. Originally enlisted General Service Corps.

Hucklebridge, Pte Albert Frank, 14205731. Died 22/4/43, serving with 16 DLI, aged 21. Son of Albert Frank and Ada Maud Hucklebridge, of Watford Hertfordshire. Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery 16 D 17. Originally enlisted General Service Corps.

142051 11A Howard, Pte L F, 14205753, DLI

227218 4B Kent, Pte R, 14205792, DLI

Heriot, Pte Robert Gordon, 14205818. Died 16/9/43, serving with 16 DLI, aged 20. Son of Mrs L M Heriot, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Cassino Memorial, Italy Panel 10. Originally enlisted General Service Corps.

139508 7A Dredge, Pte H, 14206040, DLI

Hingston, Pte Gerald, 14206044. Died 11/7/44, serving with the Durham Light Infantry, battalion not specified by CWGC, aged 22. Foster-son of Mrs. C. J. Harding, of Truro, Cornwall. Jerusalem War Cemetery, Chouain, France, Row B 6.

Fulcher, Pte Clifford Charles, 14206085. Died 19/11/44, serving with 9 DLI, aged 21. Son of Ernest Arthur and Emma Clara Fulcher, of West Knoyle, Wiltshire. Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 12 B 15. Dod 19/11/42 on DCL Roll.

Heath, Pte Joseph Owen, 14206193. Died 1/7/44, serving with 11 DLI, aged 21. Son of Joseph Griffith Heath and May Heath, of Birkenhead. Fontenay-le-Pesnel War Cemetery, Tessel, France, IV F 6.

83146 8B Byrne, Cpl T, 14206306, DLI


Eight Figure General Service Numbers: DLI Fatal Casualties, Gallantry Awards and POWs, 1942-1947
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