Numbers in the 4467000 series seem to have been allocated mainly to soldiers enlisting directly in the new 16th Battalion DLI in July 1940 in Edinburgh. By circa 4467100, numbers seem to be allocated to other recruits, possibly joining the 17th DLI. Many of these men after training were sent as reinforcement drafts to all manner of infantry regiments. Several others, as fatal casualties testify, volunteered for the Maritime Regiment of the Royal Artillery, providing gun crews for merchant vessels.

Miller, Cpl C D, 4467004. Enlisted DLI, Queens Regt at capture. Stalag 8C, POW No 86754.

Oakes, Pte Graham Leslie, 4467009. Died 17/7/43, serving with 9 DLI, aged 23. Son of Stanley and Jennie Oakes, of Selly Oak, Birmingham. Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, III D 3. Christian name 'Graeiam' on CWGC Roll.

Smith, Cpl W J, 4467027, Stalag 357, POW No 50289.

Watton, Pte Robert, 4467039. Died 23/4/44, serving with 2 DLI, aged 31. No CWGC Next of Kin details. Born Greenock, enlisted Birmingham. Kohima War Cemetery, 12 A 6.

Abbott, Sgt Arthur 4467042. With 16 DLI from the start in the UK, served in Tunisia and Italy. See this page for photographs, documents and a brief biography:

Berwick, Pte Cyril, 4467050 Died 17/6/41 serving with 16 DLI, aged 31. Son of John and Catherine Berwick, of Montgomery. Son of John and Catherine Berwick, of Montgomery. Born Shropshire; enlisted Birmingham. Montgomery (St Nicholas) Churchyard Montgomeryshire, North Part.

Carson, Pte L R, 4467052, DLI. Stalag 8C, POW No 76272. PG 82, Italy in 1943.

Connolly, Patrick Joseph 4467056. Died 22/4/43, serving with 16 DLI, aged 29. Son of Patrick Joseph and Kathleen Connolly, of Clifton, Bristol. Massicault War Cemetery, Tunisia, I M 5.

Durose, Pte Francis Thomas, 4467059. Died as POW 2/2/45, 16 DLI, age not recorded by CWGC. Born Birmingham, enlisted Birmingham. Son of Francis Edwin and Alice Durose; husband of Margaret Leitch Durose, of Dalkeith, Midlothian. Prague War Cemetery, IV D 3.
POW in Italy at PG 206 military hospital in 1943, therefore taken POW in Tunisia. Previously interred Olomouc Cemetery, Czechoslovakia.

Griffin, Pte H, 4467067. 16 DLI. 183 Field Ambulance in 4/43.

Laxton, Sgt Gordon Albert, 4467070. Died 14/4/43, serving with 16 DLI, aged 31. Born Burton-on-Trent, enlisted Wolverhampton. Husband of Elizabeth Laxton, of Penn, Wolverhampton. Beja War Cemetery, 1 G 5.

Hessegar, Pte Valdemar, 4467071. Died serving with Intelligence Section, HQ Coy, 16 DLI, 4/3/43. Son of Maximillian Christian Hessegar, and of Fannie Louisa Hessegar, of Lapworth, Warwickshire. Medjez-el-Bab Memorial, Face 29.

Millward, Pte Frederick, 4467081. Enlisted 26/7/40. Captured Sedjenane 2/3/43 'at 0900 during offensive action. The order to retreat did not reach them and they were cut off,' according to his MI9 interrogation form. POW in Camps PG 98 and 53, Italy. Successfully escaped and regained Allied lines after Italian Armistice from 15/9/43. From Stourbridge, Staffs.

Mann, Pte J A, 4467085, Stalag 4F, POW 262761.

Tinsley, Pte F, 4467087. 16 DLI. Hospital in 6/43. Possibly on 1942 D Coy photo:

Manning, Pte T, 4467090, Stalag 344, POW No 81737. PG 82, Italy, 1943,

Onions, L/Cpl B F, 4467093. Mentioned in Despatches for services with the 16th DLI in the CMF: LG 23/5/46
Featured on 16 DLI football team photograph here:

252620 4G O’Sullivan, Pte T, 4467096, DLI. Bohrigen work camp. See this wartime German note of 18 POWs held there: 75, Italy in 1943.

Phipps, Pte Frederick Denniss, 4467100, Died 23/9/43, serving with 16 DLI, aged 33. Recorded as 9 DLI by CWGC. Also on 1946 16 DLI Roll. Son of Fred and Nellie Phipps, of Stratford-on-Avon. Salerno War Cemetery, II C 18.

Price, Cpl Emrys, 4467101. Died 20/8/42, serving with 16 DLI, aged 32. Son of Thomas James Price and Gladys Maud Price; husband of Kate Price, of Small Heath, Birmingham. Birmingham (Yardley) Cemetery, Joint Grave 61395.

Known DLI Consecutive Army Numbers circa 4467000-4467999
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