Forbes, Lt Richard H, Carrier Platoon, 9th DLI. Awarded MC for actions 26-28/5/40. Wounded and captured while at a casualty clearing station at Provin, near Arras, France 29/5/40. See Moses 9 DLI p 143. Also quoted in POWs Moses and English, p 12-13.

927 O7B Foreman, Lt W G, 79181, DLI

555 O9A/H Gee, Maj C H R, Rodney, 24874, DLI. 11 DLI. Awarded MC in WW1. Catptured at Wancourt, 1940. Quoted in POWs Moses and English, p 12.

275 O7B Goodenough, Capt F W E, 50085, DLI. D Coy, 8 DLI in 1939. Captured Warlus 5/40 in aftermath of Arras counter-attack. See Lewis and English 8 DLI p 5, p 11, p 19

99775 O79 Habgood, Lt R, 182389, B Coy, 1 DLI, captured Cos, 1943.

278 O9A/Z Harker, Capt G D, 52852, DLI

Harling, Lt 9 DLI, captured Normandy 7/44. See Moses 9 DLI p 295. Possibly, Lt J E Harling, 292506, E Lan, German POW No 83973, O79

Harriman, Lt 6th DLI, Captured 29/6/42, See Moses 6 DLI, p 191.

2484 O5A Hartnell, Capt A E C, 105147, 9th DLI. Captured Ruin Ridge 27/7/42. See Lewis an English 8 DLI p 127.

929 O7B 929 Henderson, Lt N D, 87895, DLI

3431 O4C Hermon, Capt Kenneth Edward, 65941, Commissioned 2nd Lt DLI 29/8/35. Captured Crete, presumably attached another unit. See McGregor DLI Officers, p 151.

1426 079 Hillas, Maj Keith N, 120694, DLI. Originally commissioned HLI. With 16 DLI from formation in 7/40. Commanding B Coy, 16 DLI when captured at Sedjenane, Tunisia, 2/3/43. See 1942 B Coy and 1942 16 DLI officers' photographs.

Holmes, Eric, 8 DLI. At PG 202 Italy in 7/43. See POWs Moses and English, p 22.

Holloway, Richard, 8 DLI, wounded and captured Primosole Bridge, 7/43. At PG 202. See POWs Moses and English, p21

Hudson, Capt J W H. 9 DLI. Wounded and captured 7/43 at Primosole Bridge, leading A Coy, 9 DLI. See Rissik DLI, p 129-30. Also Moses 9 DLI p 250.

539 07B Husband, Lt W A, 94887, DLI

99772 O7B Hutson, Lt F W C, 288943, DLI

Jackman, L 'Jack', C Coy 8 DLI, wounded and captured in the battle for Primosole Bridge, 7/43. Liberated from Catania Hospital later in the Sicily Campaign, see Lewis and English, 8 DLI p 220. Also POWs Moses and English, p 21.

296 O7B Jackson, Lt T K, 89272, DLI

Kennedy, Lt James, 9 DLI. Captured 6/42, but quickly escaped and rejoined battalion. See Moses 9 DLI p 187.

303 O7B 303 Kidd, Maj S, 117993, DLI

908 O7B King, Lt C N, 117994, DLI. Captured as part of the composite 'Marley Force', defending bridges with 100 men under command over La Basse Canal, 5/40. See Rissik, p 44, 'none of them got back to England.'

263437 O79 Kirby, Lt-Col Robert Fry, 14963. Commissioned 2nd Lt DLI, 17/12/19. Served with 1 DLI 1943-45. Wounded and captured Cos, 1943. Awarded DSO for actions on Cos (LG 13/9/45). Commanded 4th and 6th Holding Battalions DLI in 1945-46 and 1 DLI in Greece in 1946-48. See McGregor DLI Officers, p 178.

307 O4C Lace, Lt John, 70628, Commissioned 2nd Lt DLI, 13/3/37. Captured with BEF 1940.

Latimer, Lt Scott. Wounded and captured Sedjenane, Tunisia 2/3/43, while leading a platoon of D Coy, 16 DLI. Died in captivity while being held at an Italian hospital in Ferryvillle, Tunisia, 9/3/43. Capt J R Bavington Jones died on the same day at this hospital.

2531 05A Lax, Lt H B, 151569, DLI. Carrier Platoon, HQ Coy, 16 DLI. Captured Djebel Aboid, Tunisia, 8/3/43. Named misspelled and phonetically rendered as 'Lacks' when mentioned in quotes from my year 2000 IWM Sound Archive interview with L/Sgt Joseph Drake MM in the 2011 book Forgotten Voices Desert Victory by Julian Thompson. The book